How to make colored smoke in two ways


Most of the people are misguided by fake videos spreading across you tube about making colored smoke bombs. Here we are showing how to make awsome colored smoke with explanation about its working. Here are two completely working methods just for your enjoyment.

Potassium nitrate cant be used instead of potassium perclorate because potassium perclorate burns at ideal tempareture suitable for the evaporation of smoke dye. Plus potassium nitrate burning will prodeuse large amound of carbon dioxide which is white in color and thus the color vapour will get masked. Also the high temparature of potassium nitrate will burn the smoke dye instead of vaporising it.

A lot of the videos in youtube about making colored smoke grenadewith cryones and potassium nitrate is actually fake and doent work. Only specific kind of dyes only can vaporise in a particular color. mainly organic dyes are used as smoke dyes. Rhodamine b is an organic dye which gives pink color. Aloso there are wide range of smoke dyes with wide range of color.


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