DIY attic reconstruction

  1. First we prepare a wooden grate, which we paint
  2. OSB boards are placed gradually from the most distal side, leveling the spirit level
  3. In one of the rooms it is necessary to count the staircase and place the OSB in the place where we leave it free
  4. In thermal insulation we use mineral wool approx. 40cm
  5. Mineral glass wool is inserted between the beams and we attach it to the weave we have between the beams
  6. Things are also done from latination, follow the drawing project
  7. Put another layer of foil to insulation – vapor barrier
  8. Mash the plasterboard which will be sealed and then grind
  9. Paint the plasterboard
  10. Put the foil on OSB board and place the floating floor on it


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