DIY How To Build an Oil Drum Barrel BBQ for $25


How to make a BBQ oil drum for $ 25? It’s very simple guys.¬†Work takes about 4 hours only.

What you need

  • Welder
  • Angle grinder
  • Drill
  • Oil barrel
  • Grill rack (can be purchased at any large convenience store)
  • Few pieces of iron and taste for work!

How to do it

  1. Choose the right oil barrel. If you pick new, you have to clean it. When you pick old used barrel, be careful and clean it properly.
  2. Cut barrel in half
  3. Grind sharp edges
  4. Measure V steel bar by barrel size and weld it into frame for both halfs
  5. Add handle to one frame and weld frames to barrel halfs
  6. Measere and weld base for rack
  7. Connect base with barrel
  8. Add hinges to frames
  9. Weld up required size rack legs
  10. Paint it by your favourite color
  11. Insert some grilling grid

And that’s it! Now you can impress your neighbours and invite your all family to best BBQ party ever.


    • Hi Sharon! You must prepare the length of the iron pieces according to the barrel size. Then select the height (stands) of the entire grill by yourself.
      There are a lot options. You can purchase barrel online or at local hardware store.
      Good luck!


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