Gabion Walls


Here is a quick tutorial of how to build your own gabion walls from standard stone and galvanized wire. It’s very simple to build and can be filled with most types of large stones, rock or concrete chunks.
Keep in mind that you have to create a cube in final place, because cube will be very heavy.

What you need

  • Steel bar welded net in required size
  • Twisted steel bar
  • Welding machine (optional)
  • Heavy pliers
  • Stones, rocks, concrete chunks

How to do it

  1. Prepare six required size squares of welded net
  2. Put two squares adjacent
  3. Connect squares with twisted steel bar
  4. Add another square and connect squares with twisted steel bar
  5. Continue adding and connecting squares till you got cube without top
  6. Fill welded net cube with stones, rocks, concrete chunks etc. up to the edge
  7. Add final top square and connect it with twisted steel bars
  8. Remove excess ends of bars

That’s it!
You can connect another cube using one side of first cube, of course.


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