How to make a completely original and new flowerpot


Do you have monochrome porcelain or glass dishes in your house that you are already bored with, and are you thinking about making a change? In a few minutes, you can have a brand new service from old mugs, which you will never get anywhere in any store.

What you need

  • Nail polish (not dry!)
  • Bigger container
  • Water
  • Cups, flowerpots…

How to do it

For this job you need some big and deep container. If you don’t have any, watch the video and follow the steps in the video to create some. Wearing gloves is recommended.

  1. Take some bigger and deeper container
  2. Degrease and dry the cups or other dishes you want to decorate
  3. Prepare liquid nail polish
  4. Pour water into container
  5. Pour nail polish into water
  6. Mix polish in water
  7. Wait few seconds
  8. Take a cup or bowl and put it in the water just to the height you want your porcelain stained
  9. Bath until you are satisfied with the color result
  10. Let it dry in a dry place


Don’t be afraid to experiment and pour even more shades, including shimmering, into the water container. The resulting effect will be even more interesting. And you can paint not only your dishes, but also, for example, old porcelain pots and put flowers into it.

You will see that everyone who comes to you will ask where you bought such a beautiful rainbow porcelain dishes.

Notice: This new dish isn’t very suitable for dishwashers. The chemicals in the cleaning products may damage the paint and your effort would soon be lost.


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