How to make a New ornamental pot


How to make a whole new ornamental flowerpot on the terrace or in your garden. Allow your creativity and make an ornament according to your imagination.

You make it from the remains of the building, the old or the remaining tiles and the polystyrene.

What you need

  • Polystyrene
  • Cutter knife
  • Nails (or other fasteners)
  • Special tile adhesive
  • Tile remains

How to do it

  1. Cut polystyrene according to choosen flower pot
  2. Join polystyrene parts together
  3. Apply adhesive to choosen side(s)
  4. Start placing tile remains to adhesive
  5. Repeat it until you cover choosen sides
  6. Wait till adhesive dry
  7. Prepare special grout for filling tiles
  8. Fill empty spaces by special tiles grout and right grouting kit


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