DIY Universal backpack camera holder


In this video you can see how to create special camera holder for GoPro cam or alternative action cameras. This holder is made to allocate on the backpack so cam will be on your chest whih is best for cycle riding, skiing, snowboarding etc. and give you awesome first person POV.

What you need

  • Metal or aluminum plate of the required size
  • Angle grinder
  • 1cm wide foam
  • Leatherette or other similar material

How to do it

  1. Prepare metal or aluminum plate of the required size
  2. Draw holes for straps and the place where camera will be attached on metal plate
    (The rest of the board is basically the load so we try to remove as much material as possible for relief.)
  3. Cut out as many material as you can according to drawn holes by angle grinder
  4. Lightweight plate put on foam to sketch and cut it
    (The foam will be on the bottom of the holder and will be softer on the body.)
  5. Outline plate to leatherette
  6. Turn the leatherette upside down and stitch the needle around the circumference
  7. Turn the leatherette back
  8. Insert a metal plate and foam into the formed case
  9. Stitch the remaining part.
  10. Cut holes for straps
  11. Paste camera or camera angle joint
  12. Connect brand new holder to your backpack

And that’s it. Now you can enjoy your video recording as a true professional. Let’s do it!


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