How to make a MAD MAX style bracelet


Here’s how to knit the most basic Cobra or MAD MAX STYLE paracord bracelet.

Video is intended primarily for beginners. The pattern is self-coloured.

What you need

  • parachute rope
  • the circumference of the wrist according to which is the length of the cord
  • scissors
  • lighter

We need approximately 2.5 m of the paracord on a 16cm bracelet. Sear the end of the parachute rope with a lighter, better if the lighter is flat, it will get better through the holes.

How to do it

  1. Fold the cord in half and find the center
  2. Turn the cord at the distance of the measured wrist to the opposite direction.There are two free ends.
  3. The left end is folded across the center to the right, the left eye is formed. Move the right end to the left under the center and pass it through the eye on the left. Tight both ends firmly. Bracelet is upside down. Let’s say center.
  4. Place the left end on the left side. Right end to the right side.
  5. Place the right end over the center and a loop is formed, the left lie below the center and at the same time and stretch over the right eye from the bottom up. Tight.
  6. From the left, leave the left over the center, the right end below the center stretches from the bottom up with the eye on the left side and pull it again. This is how we repeat it until the end.
  7. At the end enlarge the hole through which pass the end of the cord.
  8. The left end through the holes from the top to the bottom and to the right, the right end from the bottom to the eye, and pull to the left. Two new eyes will emerge.
  9. Extend the left end with the eye from the bottom to the top and drag the right end with your right eye from the bottom up. Strong tight.
  10. Enlarge two eyes at the beginning of the bracelet.
  11. Using the left hole, pull the left end of the cord, and pull the right end of the cord across the right hole. Now it starts to be more complicated.
  12. After the bracelet is tightened through the holes, we have two ends in our hands. We turn them about 6 cm from the end of the bracelet to the opposite direction. The left end is folded to the right and the right end is folded over the middle to the left.
  13. Move the right end through the middle to the left with an eye from the top down and the left end dragged below the center and the right eye from the bottom up. Strong tight.
  14. Cut the excess ends, sear with a lighter and squeeze it to not crack. Be careful. The molten ends are hot.

Bracelet is done and you can impress your family and friends.


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