How to make Practical key pendants


Key pendants may not be only for parade. They can be also practical and serves as medicine tray for example.

We can find the key faster for example in a bag, and we can identify ours more quickly among others in the home.

We have a tip for you that doesn’t cost anything.

What you need

  • Several PET bottles
  • Cutter knife
  • Glue gun
  • Drill machine or nail
  • Wire
  • Washer

How to do it

    1. Take top of the bottle and drill hole in the middle
    2. Take wire and make a knot
    3. Add washer to knot
    4. Insert knot through top of the bottle
    5. Cut off bottle neck
    6. Glue up top of the bottle and bottle neck (not on thread side)
    7. Screw up top of the bottle to bottle neck in the opposite side

You will see, that lot of people will be amazed by your practical key pendant.


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