Simple cellphone holder


If you ever need to charge the phone, often happens that you haven’t any space to lay cellphone around. Today we have created an idea for you that will cost you nothing and you will use it especially in the bathroom and in a damp environment.

What you need

  • empty shampoo bottle
  • wire
  • knife

How to do it

    1. Choose right shampoo bottle (flat bottle is better)
    2. Draw lines to cut (shape should match phone size)
    3. Cut the bottle with precision and remove imperfections
    4. Drill two sets of holes on the top of new created holder
    5. Insert hard wire to holes and manage it to wanted shape

Brand new cellphone holder is ready. Hang the holder in the right place and charge the phone.
You can beautify your new holder in many ways, such as using a nail polish to decorate the bracket.

If you are interested in coloring with nail polish, here is a simple guide how you can color your pots or porcelain containers.


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